About Peter Ballantyne Group of Companies

Peter Ballantyne Group of Companies (PBGOC) is a fully owned Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation (PBCN) company that provides a means for Investment and Management services. Our motto is simple, “The sky’s the limit!”

At Peter Ballantyne Group of Companies, our purpose is to hold and manage the majority of the Band-wide corporate business investments with a responsibility for overseeing business operations.

We focus on stability, maintenance, growth, new investment opportunities, building equity and wealth generation for the PBCN. Our current investments cover a broad range of industries including retail, commercial building rentals, management, forestry, hospitality, insurance, trucking and manufacturing, and ownership levels range from 3-100%.

As a result of business success we promote stability, job creation, training opportunities and wealth generation for the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation and its partners. Through sound management, constant communication and exceptional accountability practices we have been fulfilling these objectives year over year that speaks to our proven record of accomplishment.

PBGOC continues to seek new investment opportunities that will be a good fit for our organization. As part of our growth strategy this is done both independently and through partnerships.

Our Investments