We were established in 1995 as the corporate business development entity of the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation. We have grown to represent the PBCN in almost all Band-wide business development opportunities operating under the name, Peter Ballantyne Group of Companies.


Over the last decade, the PBCN, through Peter Ballantyne Group of Companies (PBGOC), has gained ground in the area of business development and management.

PBCN’s first investment in 1983 was the La Ronge Wild Rice Corporation. The processing plant provides seasonal employment for many of the surrounding residents.

In 1985 the 12 First Nations of the Prince Albert Grand Council formed the Prince Albert Development Corporation (PADC). Each First Nations has an equal share of what is now called Prince Albert First Nations Business Development Limited Partnership (PAFNBDLP).

In 1994, Northern Resource Trucking L.P. (NRT) was in the process of expanding its ownership base to include nine First Nations and three communities from Northern Saskatchewan. NRT was formed in 1986 by the La Ronge Indian Band (LLRIB) and Trimac Transportation.

Peter Ballantyne Development Corporation (PBDC) was formed in 1995 as the legal entity to manage the business aspects of Band-wide investments. The mandate was given to develop, manage and operate businesses on behalf of the PBCN.

In 1996, Prince Albert Casino Ventures L.P. (PACV) was formed as a 50-50 partnership between PBDC and PADC to develop the Northern Lights Casino property in Prince Albert.

In 1998 the PBCN Ambulance Service was formed by PBDC and PBCN Health Services Inc. to provide essential services to the communities of the PBCN.

Mee-Toos Forest Products Ltd. was formed in 1999 to develop and manage the timber resources in the Amisk-Atik land base area (traditional territory of PBCN).

1999 brought new opportunities resulting in PBDC’s legal structure transformation to a Limited Partnership. Peter Ballantyne Developments Limited Partnership (PBDLP) and Peter Ballantyne Developments (1999) Ltd. (General Partner) were formed.

In 2000, First Nations Insurance L.P. (FNI) became the next investment in the growing business portfolio of PBDLP.

Western First Nations Hospitality L.P. (WFNHLP) was formed in 2004 with PBDLP initiating the partnership out of an opportunity that started with one Super 8 in Prince Albert. There are now five Super 8 properties owned and operated by WFNHLP.

PBCN PA Fuel & Convenience L.P. was also developed in 2004 to create its first service station in Prince Albert that opened in 2005. There are now three Petro-Canada stations that are owned and operated by PBCN PA Fuel & Convenience L.P.

Points North Freight Forwarding L.P. (PNFFLP) was the newest company investment added to the PBGOC portfolio in 2009.

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