Our Purpose

To hold and manage the PBCN Band-wide corporate business investments with responsibility for overseeing business operations.


PBGOC was established to pursue wealth in a combined effort on behalf of the PBCN member communities which contribute to the establishment of economic development opportunities at the community level as well as provide a continuous revenue steam to assist the PBCN in governance and social programs.

PBGOC is responsible to PBCN to generate and implement new business opportunities at the Band-wide level. We have done this in a variety of ways:

  • Our Governance Model and support from Leadership enables PBGOC to ensure stability of ongoing operations.
  • We co-operate with the TLE Department of the PBCN to ensure that Reserve lands are strategically located for the establishment of future endeavours.
  • We work towards capacity building exercises which will allow PBGOC to contribute to the long-term goals of the larger PBCN organization.
  • We understand and trust that relationships are an important aspect in the development of a successful business.
  • We are fully engaged, in our 100% owned businesses, in the business development process from idea inception to start-up.
  • We believe in providing on-going support for our Management as our experience demonstrates that strong management brings success to an organization.
  • We strive to maximize our equity and profits in an effort to maximize distributions to our shareholders.
  • We continuously seek out the right opportunities that are a good fit for our investment portfolio.