PBCN Ambulance Service

PBCN Ownership: 100%

Ph: (306) 953-4425
Fax: (306) 922-4979

PBCN Ambulance Service is a medical transportation business that provides an essential service to several PBCN and Northeastern Saskatchewan communities. The goal of the Ambulance Service is to improve healthcare by having professionally trained Emergency Medical Technicians available locally. As the communities are several hours away from similar services provided in the south it has become an important part of life for the area residents. The lead responsibility is filled by Prince Albert Parkland Ambulance Service but has also been contracted to assist in building capacity in this industry. Results are positive as PBCN Ambulance Service now employs three PBCN members who are professionally trained and certified to fill different roles within the specialized field that this business operates in. Based in Pelican Narrows, it is strategically located on the Northeastern side of the province to provide the quickest possible response time to several communities within the surrounding area.