Our group of companies have grown to have a diverse portfolio of investments resulting in company strength and stability.


Our current investments cover a broad range of industries and ownership levels that range from 3-100%. Our involvement in business operations is typically dictated by our level of investment in the business.

This level of involvement can be broken down to two different categories;

1) Board involvement only, where there is no active involvement in the operational or day-to-day management decision making process; or

2) Board and Management involvement, where we actively provide input, direction and support in operational and management issues.

We are proud to state that in these past few years of economic uncertainty that our businesses portfolio has performed in accordance with our strategic goals and has maintained stability when it comes to growth, equity, profits and distributions.

Our keys to success:

  • Firm commitment & vision of PBCN leadership towards business
  • Solid Management in individual businesses
  • Strong relationships with stakeholders
  • Land & location
  • Successful partnerships
  • Financial & planning balance