Directors & Governance

Peter Ballantyne Group of Companies is governed by an eight member Board of Directors.


Our Board Members and Leadership represent the interests of the eight communities of the PBCN. As each community has a voice on the Board we have ensured that PBGOC is progressing in the best interests of the PBCN. With a solid understanding of what is important and the ways to achieve success, the Leadership of the PBCN and Board of PBGOC have always been very supportive of the direction of the company.

In general, our Board of Directors have four primary responsibilities:

  1. Representation – representing the interest of the PBCN Membership to the company and sharing information from the company with the Membership.
  2. Leadership – ensuring the vision and mission of the company are fulfilled by providing input and making decisions related to strategic direction and planning.
  3. Stewardship – acting in the best interests of the company by ensuring adequate resources are in place to fulfill the organizational strategy as well as attempting to identify the risks the organization faces and making sure it can address them.
  4. Accountability – ensuring operations of the company are transparent by conducting routine monitoring, evaluation and frequently reporting on activities.


Chief Peter A. Beatty, President

Denare Beach – Councillor Marvin Morin

Deschambault Lake – Councillor Peter R. Beatty

Pelican Narrows – Councillor Justin Halcrow

Prince Albert Urban – Councillor Warren McCallum

Sandy Bay –  Councillor Timothy Underwood

Sturgeon Landing – Councillor Charles Sinclair

Southend – Councillor Darrin Morin