About Peter Ballantyne Group of Companies

Peter Ballantyne Group of Companies (PBGOC) is a wholly-owned Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation (PBCN) success story providing high-quality Investment and Management services benefiting PBCN, its proud multi-community base, its members and the highly valued partnerships established.

Our Focus

To hold and manage the PBCN-owned, First Nation-wide corporate business investments. We focus on sustained growth through new investment opportunities and existing business expansion, building equity and generating wealth for the PBCN — to support long-term economic self-sufficiency and building a stronger future for PBCN’s communities, members, and future generations.

Our Success

Our corporate business investments span several different sectors and industries including retail sales, fuel and convenience, commercial building developments, forestry operations, hospitality, insurance, construction, steel fabricating and industrial field services, with ownership levels ranging from 3% to 100%. Our involvement in business operations is determined by our level of investment in the business.

We succeed in business through strategic management, authentic communication, integrity and accountability – and our Senior Management’s thorough understanding of our businesses. Our success is proven by consistently meeting our strategic objectives to promote stability, create jobs and training opportunities, and generate wealth for the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation, its members, and partners.

Our Communities

5 Pillar Strategy

Our work to generate wealth and create opportunity for the PBCN communities is guided by five strategic priorities that strive to build a stronger nation and future for the next seven generations of PBCN.

Talent Development

Business Development

Community Engagement

Community Investment

Environmental Stewardship


5Buds Cannabis

Ownership: 37.5%View

A2SKI Industrial

Ownership: 100%View

Allspace Office Solutions

Ownership: 75%View

Fairview Fairways

Ownership: 91.5%View

First Nations Insurance

Ownership: 9.1%View

Hilltop Tunnel Wash

Ownership: 100%View

JNE Welding

Ownership: 30%View

La Ronge Wild Rice Corporation

Ownership: 21.1%View

Mee-Toos Forest Products Ltd.

Ownership: 100%View

Northern Resource Trucking

Ownership: 3%View

Optek Solutions

Ownership: 28.57%View

PA Photocopier

Ownership: 28.57%View

PBCN Office Complex

Ownership: 100%View

PBCN PA Fuel & Convenience

Ownership: 100%View

PBGOC Field Services Division

Ownership: 100%View

PBGOC Office Complex

Ownership: 100%View

Points North Freight Forwarding

Ownership: 4.3%View

Prince Albert Casino Ventures

Ownership: 100%View

Prince Albert Development Corporation

Ownership: 8.3%View

Sage Properties

Ownership: 40%View

Tim Hortons

Ownership: 100%View

Western First Nations Hospitality

Ownership: 40%View

Business Opportunities

PBGOC continues to seek new investment opportunities — independently and through partnerships — that will best serve PBCN’s partners, members and future generations through wealth creation, opportunity, and sustainability.

Did You Know

That all three PBCN PA Fuel and Convenience locations offer tax free goods to First Nations customers holding a valid status card.

That in 2008 Mee-Toos Forest Products planted over 250,000 spruce seedlings which employed 26 PBCN members over a two month period.

That Mee-Toos Forest Products has coordinated and managed forestry operations on over 4,300 ha of which 3,000 ha are already determined to be adequately restocked for future use.

That Mee-Toos Forest Products Ltd. has coordinated four Forestry Operator Training Programs and trained over 60 PBCN members in the safe and competent operations of all related forestry equipment.

That Mee-Toos Forest Products Ltd. was formed to take advantage of harvesting opportunities as well as to assist in capacity building in the traditional area of the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation (PBCN).

That Northern Resource Trucking L.P. (NRT) has been serving the Northern mines in Saskatchewan for almost 30 years.

That Northern Resource Trucking L.P. (NRT) is owned by 11 separate First Nation and community groups with the Lac La Ronge Indian Band and Trimac Transportation being the majority shareholders.

That PBCN PA Fuel and Convenience L.P. directly employs, at any given time, over 60 individuals between the three locations and approximately 90% are First Nations.

That PBCN PA Fuel and Convenience L.P. directly employs, at any given time, over 60 individuals between the three locations and approximately 90% are First Nations.

That PBCN PA Fuel and Convenience L.P. has invested over 8 million dollars in building and equipment since 2005.

That PBCN PA Fuel and Convenience L.P. supports local community organizations in helping First Nations individuals find employment.

That PBCN PA Fuel and Convenience L.P. supports local high schools and post secondary institutions with work experience job placements.

That PBCN PA Fuel and Convenience L.P. supports the local communities by donating to community events.

That PBGOC contributes millions of dollars to the PBCN local communities through financial distributions to enhance many community programs, services and departments which are not funded through AANDC.

That PBGOC currently has four separate businesses on 22 acres of fully developed, commercially designated, Urban Reserve lands.

That PBGOC has been a major contributor to fund the Band-wide Designation votes held in 2001, 2007, 2009 and 2014.

That PBGOC invests and manages or has ownership shares in 20 different businesses and it is the job of PBGOC to track the progress of each investment.

That PBGOC’s equity in its businesses is over $50 million.

That Prince Albert Casino Ventures (PACV) owns the Northern Lights Casino building in Prince Albert as well as the 13 acres that it has developed to lease to SIGA.

That sales for PBGOC have increased annually every year for the last 10 years.

That the La Ronge Wild Rice Corp employs over 35 individuals on a seasonal basis.

That the Mirond Lake Fence Post Project employed a total of 195 PBCN members with a total payroll of over five million over the term of the project.

That the PBGOC businesses that operate on Urban Reserve lands compensate the municipalities, where they are located, in excess of one million dollars for services and taxes on an annual basis.

That the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation (PBCN) consists of over 40 Reserves with eight communities where approximately 70% of the population still resides.

That the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation (PBCN) has over 11,000 members and is one of the largest in Saskatchewan and Western Canada.

That the Saskatoon Super 8 (Circle Drive) was honoured two different times winning “Manager of the Year” (Overall performance) and “Heart of the House” (Housekeeping) Awards, chosen out of 2,400 hotels!!

That the Super 8 partnership (WFNHLP) employee’s help make a comfortable temporary home for wayward travellers approximately 85,000 times last year!

That the Super 8 partnership (WFNHLP) properties have consistently been listed as the “Pride of Super 8” or as described in the Super 8 franchises words, “… the cream of the Super 8 crop.”

That the Super 8 partnership (WFNHLP) staff put in approximately 125,000 working hours per year to service their clients!

That the Super 8 partnership reinvests into each site on at least a five year rotating basis which creates additional employment for local suppliers and contractors.

That the three PBCN PA Fuel and Convenience locations combined have annual fuel volumes over 15 million litres.

That the Western First Nations Hospitality L.P. (WFNHLP – Super 8 partnership) started with three motel properties and currently owns five.

That the Western First Nations Hospitality L.P. (WFNHLP – Super 8 partnerships) directly employ over 100 individuals with approximately 70% being full-time employees