Our group of companies have grown to have a diverse portfolio of investments resulting in company strength and stability.


Our current investments span several different sectors and industries, with ownership levels that range from 3% to 100%. Our involvement in business operations is typically dictated by our level of investment in the business.


Our partnerships typically see us participate at a board level, where we provide support and direction but are not actively involved in day-to-day management of the business.

Wholly Owned

Our 100% owned investments see us participate at the board and management level. We actively provide direction, input, and oversee day-to-day operations.


5Buds Cannabis

Ownership: 37.5%View

A2SKI Industrial

Ownership: 100%View

Allspace Office Solutions

Ownership: 75%View

Fairview Fairways

Ownership: 91.5%View

First Nations Insurance

Ownership: 9.1%View

Hilltop Tunnel Wash

Ownership: 100%View

JNE Welding

Ownership: 30%View

La Ronge Wild Rice Corporation

Ownership: 21.1%View

Mee-Toos Forest Products Ltd.

Ownership: 100%View

Northern Resource Trucking

Ownership: 3%View

Optek Solutions

Ownership: 28.57%View

PA Photocopier

Ownership: 28.57%View

PBCN Office Complex

Ownership: 100%View

PBCN PA Fuel & Convenience

Ownership: 100%View

PBGOC Field Services Division

Ownership: 100%View

PBGOC Office Complex

Ownership: 100%View

Points North Freight Forwarding

Ownership: 4.3%View

Prince Albert Casino Ventures

Ownership: 100%View

Prince Albert Development Corporation

Ownership: 8.3%View

Sage Properties

Ownership: 40%View

Tim Hortons

Ownership: 100%View

Western First Nations Hospitality

Ownership: 40%View