Allspace Office Solutions

Allspace Office Solutions is an office, industrial and commercial furniture dealership located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Allspace is the only exclusive MillerKnoll dealer in the Saskatoon area and offers services into Northern Saskatchewan as well. MillerKnoll is a collection of dynamic brands that together form a platform for building a more sustainable, caring, equitable, and beautiful world for its customers. On November 1st 2022, Allspace was purchased by the Peter Ballantyne Group of Companies, making the company a majority First Nations owned enterprise. With the support of PBGOC, Allspace will have the ability to grow to the next level in servicing its clients’ needs. Allspace has many ambitious plans and are eager to see the company grow to the next level.

PBGOC is incredibly proud to be a part of the MillerKnoll group team in Canada and look forward to introducing your group to ours.