First Nations Insurance

PBGOC Ownership: 9.1%

Phone: (306) 763-4712

First Nations Insurance Limited Partnership has been in business since 1987 providing group benefits, insurance and pension services to all employers, Kitsaki Management Limited Partnership and Peter Ballantyne Group of Companies employees.

The partnership is 100% First Nations owned by Kitsaki Management LP and Peter Ballantyne Group of Companies. FNISLP offers Pension services and Group benefits, which include life and dependent life coverage, short and long-term disability as well as extended health, dental and visions coverage.

FNISLP’s head office is in the PBCN Office Complex on the Chief Joseph Custer Reserve # 101 in Prince Albert. There is also a branch office in Saskatoon at the Muskeg Lake Office Complex located at 94 – 335 Packham Avenue.