Mee-Toos Forest Products Ltd.

PBGOC Ownership: 100%

Mee-Toos Forest Products is a forestry company that was formed by Peter Ballantyne Group of Companies to hold and sustainably develop the commercial timber rights in the traditional lands of the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation (PBCN). Mee-Toos currently operates under a Term Supply Licence (TSL) granted by the Province and has successfully established and now manages the Mee-Toos Forest Management Trust Fund Agreement while continuing to work towards a 25 year Forest Management Agreement (FMA).

With minimal forestry equipment, the primary responsibility of Mee-Toos is to focus on capacity building exercises that enable PBCN community members and local contractors to create employment opportunities by providing the necessary equipment and services to complete custom logging activities and fence post production.

Mee-Toos partnering with the PBCN and Northlands College have also initiated several training program that has led to employment opportunities. Mee-Toos continues to seek out new markets for wood products from this region. Mee-Toos operates in the North-east, central region of Saskatchewan which encompasses an area of 15,000 square kilometers along the Hanson Lake Road (Highway 106).