PBGOC Field Services Division

PBGOC Ownership: 100%

PBGOC Field Services Division (FSD) provides site services to the industrial sector. We are currently involved in a project with a major Saskatchewan company at locations throughout the Province, in both remote and urban areas. We ensure that the sites are cleaned up of debris and parts as well as ensuring wood products are recycled according to legislation and standards.

We are based out of Prince Albert and provide these services to most corners of Saskatchewan. With proper safety endorsements and training for our employees we seek to provide services in a safe and effective manner while protecting the well-being of our employees and our customers. Our objective is to gain experience and capacity in a niche market area of the service industry that is sometimes passed over by the larger companies.

As this is a new opportunity for PBGOC we have designed the company to ramp up capacity in terms of labour and equipment for the provision of services as demand grows.

We like to think that “no job is too small”, if you would like us to quote your job please call or email us.