Points North Freight Forwarding

PBGOC Ownership: 4.3%

Phone (306) 633-2137
Fax (306) 633-2152
Website: pointsnorthgroup.ca

Points North FFLP (PNFFLP) provides transportation, lodging and other services for the mining, exploration companies, outfitting lodges, and communities in the Athabasca Region of Northern Saskatchewan.

PNFFLP is based at Points North Landing which is at the end of Highway 905. It is one of the noerthernmost points for trucking and airfreight services for Northern Saskatchewan, the Nortwest Territoris and Nunavut.

The company was created in 1984 by Grab Holdings Lts. and since then has evolved into a partnership arrangement with Athabasca Basin Development (ABD), Prince Albert Development Corporation (PADC) and Peter Ballantyne Group of Companies (PBGOC). Grab Holdings continues to operate the business as they now have over 25 years of expertise in the area and have the ability to foresee any potential issues or opportunities in the area.