Prince Albert Development Corporation

PBGOC Ownership: 8.33%

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In the 1990’s the 12 First Nations of the Prince Albert Grand Council formed the Prince Albert Development Corporation.

Since then, PADC restructured into the General Partner with Prince Albert Fist Nations Business Development Limited Partnership (PAFNBDLP) becoming the Limited Partner.  In recent years, PAFNBDLP refocused its efforts resulting in two specific areas of investment.

The first area of focus remains on business opportunities.  Companies include: Western First Nations Hospitality Limited Partnership, which currently owns and operates four Super 8’s throughout Saskatchewan.  West Wind Aviation, based in Saskatoon services all areas of Saskatchewan as one of the largest air charter providers.  Points North Freight Forwarding Limited Partnership (PNFFLP) provides a wide array of services to the Athabasca region of Northern Saskatchewan.

The second area of focus is the investment fund created to provide a constant cash flow and return of investment that benefits all partners of PAFNBDLP.

PADC (PAFNBDLP) manages the investments of the 12 First Nations and pays out annual dividends to the shareholders.  The partnership has also created many jobs and training opportuniteis and works with the partners to increase participation in the economy.