About Us

Our vision: Successful business investment creates wealth and opportunity for PBCN and its members and supports long-term economic self-sufficiency.


Peter Ballantyne Group of Companies (PBGOC) operates as the for-profit business development entity of the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation (PBCN). We oversee and manage all aspects of the First Nation-wide corporate business investments.

Our Focus

We believe strategic management, authentic communication, integrity, accountability, and strong support from our Board, Leadership and valued business partners are essential to sustain and grow our success.

Stability and maintenance

We hold a diverse portfolio of investments within our group of companies representing various sectors and industries driving our business success upon a foundation of long-term sustainability and profitability.

Growth and new investment opportunities

We grow our family of businesses through strategic management and reinvestment. We pursue new investments, independently or through partnerships, that align with our organization’s goals to create wealth and opportunity for PBCN and its members.

Building equity and wealth generation for the PBCN

Our business success promotes stability, job creation, training opportunities, and wealth generation for Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation community members. We take pride in our reputation and work diligently to sustain our success. We strive to instil pride in our owners and business partners with a focus on attracting new business investments and partnerships.