Our strategic priorities include focusing on wealth creation, talent mobilization, meaningful community engagement, environmental stewardship and community investment.

5 Pillar Strategy

Talent Development

We focus on employing and training our people, the members of PBCN communities. Our companies and our partners show respect for people’s backgrounds, stories and, most importantly, show an interest in developing Indigenous talent.

Business Development

We focus on ways we can bring in our own businesses and Indigenous entrepreneurs into new business ventures. We look for and work with companies that value businesses coming together in a reciprocal relationship.

Community Engagement

We focus on building trust and relationships with our communities through ongoing, two-way communication. Our partners show a willingness to get to know our communities, seeing our business venture as more than a transaction.

Community Investment

We share wealth with the communities of PBCN to invest in initiatives that directly support their socio-economic well being. Our companies and our partners value supporting our communities through sponsorships and donations, with investment priorities such as youth and women.

Environmental Stewardship

We are dedicated to being responsible stewards of our lands, water and resources while conducting our business operations. Our partners understand and respect the role we play as stewards of the land we share.