La Ronge Wild Rice Corporation

PBGOC Ownership: 21%

Phone: (306) 425-2283
Fax: (306) 425-5575

La Ronge Wild Rice was established in 1982 by Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation, Lac La Ronge Indian Band, Meadow Lake Tribal Council and a number of other Northern partners who own the company based in La Ronge. The company acts as a processing plant for the Northern based operations of growing and harvesting wild rice. It converts the wild rice into a product that can be sold on any store shelf. Wild rice grows freely on many northern lakes and rivers and is a completely organic product with no chemicals or pesticides. As a result wild rice has grown to be an export for the Northern Saskatchewan region with many healthy attributes to assist in the marketing of the product. With a management team that has familiarity with the industry and region, La Ronge Wild Rice Corporation has become known for representing the interests of the growers.