Northern Resource Trucking

PBGOC Ownership: 3%

Phone: (306) 933-3010

Northern Resource Trucking (NRT) hauls all types of goods to the major mining companies in Saskatchewan’s North. As these mine sites are in remote areas, NRT has become the major transportation provider for everything needed to ensure that production does not stop. From construction materials for building mine sites to mining machinery used in the operations to the food that employees eat and the fuel used to heat the buildings, NRT has a safety record second to none hauling these goods over the past 25 years.

Started as a partnership in 1986, between Lac La Ronge Indian Band and Trimac Transportation Services Ltd., NRT’s ownership base now includes Metis, Dene and Woodland Cree First Nations. head office is based in Saskatoon with a sub-office / training facility in La Ronge. Management of the company has remained constant since the days of inception and has contributed to the success that NRT now enjoys.

NRT has been very successful in selecting, training, and advancing northern and First Nations people in the trucking industry. in fact, many of these trainees have turned into employees or owner/operators who still drive for NRT. Due to the remoteness of some of the destination sites, a satellite tracking system is used to keep the trucks in constant contact with dispatchers for safety.